Behind the Bike Sheds - Waipiata Sky Wonders

Waipiata Sky Wonders

Wendy and Debbie are super excited to introduce our new venture!!

How lucky we are to have access to sky's as beautiful as we have.

Waipiata Sky Wonders - a night sky star gazing facility will enable you to have an unbelievably beautiful star gazing experience.

Rail Trailers, local families and visitors to the Maniototo are able to view the night sky through our fabulous Orion Skyquest XX14g GoTo Dobsonian Telescope. This scope is impressive and is highly recommended for any astronomer. The Orion is equipped with a fully motorized GoTo object locator and automatic tracker, enabling a fuss free view of our beautiful richly star filled Southern Skies. 
Dobsonian Telescope
Many people, especially those living in built up urban areas, have never experienced the true wonder of a clear and dark night sky. Around Waipiata the night skies are some of the darkest night skies you will ever see because the air is clear and there is little or no artificial light pollution. 

If you’ve never seen it before, prepare to be amazed…

With a huge expanse of sky to view and few artificial lights to spoil the views, Waipiata is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the vastness of the Maniototo Night Sky.

What to wear

Bring a jacket and hat as it can be cooler at night time, especially when the sky is clearest.

Dates and Times

Arrive by

November 9.30pm
December 10.00pm
January 10.00pm
February 9.30pm
March 9.00pm
April 7.30pm
May 6.30pm
June 6.30pm

Prices (incl of gst) until the end of April 2017

Adults $30
Family 2 adults and children under 16 $60
Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult


Reservations can be made by either email to

or message Debbie on 0223523147


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